Army Physical Therapy Education, Leadership, and Research


Our Alumni Association is unique in that, unlike most alumni groups, we are not trying to raise money for scholarships or buildings!  From our By Laws, the  purposes of this organization are as follows:

  1. Support the continuance by the US Army of post-baccalaureate degree education for entry level preparation of physical therapists for the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the US Public Health Service.
  2. Support the concept of quality education & research for physical therapy. 
  3. Support the continuance of quality physical therapy services, to include health promotion.  Association members have served as research subjects for student research projects to include falls prevention programs.
  4. Strengthen communication between members of the Association and personnel of the US Army education program for physical therapists.
  5. Enhance communication among members of the Association through publications and social events.