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The US Army Physical Therapy Alumni Association is made possible by generous donations of its members and those dedicated to preserving and honoring our traditions.  The Association is recognized by the IRS as a 501 c(19) and a 501c(3).  As a 501 c(3), all donations are tax deductible.
We have two different funds you may donate to:

Association General Fund

The General Fund is used for ongoing business expenses.  This includes ongoing support of the Army-Baylor DPT Program, expenses for reunion and social events, as well as web page development and maintenance fees.  This fund also supports the COL Elizabeth (Betty) Lambertson Professional Development Grants for student members.

COL Marilyn J Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series (CMJADLS) Fund

Colonel Marilyn J. Anderson served as Director of the Physical Therapy Course at Fort Sam Houston, Texas from 1966-1970 and was instrumental in establishing the Army-Baylor MPT program,  This lecture series pays for 2 days of nationally recognized speakers whose professional expertise enhances the curriculum. This is an endowment fund, with the dream of making these series self perpetuating without having to use capital.

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Unless you are a life member or an honorary member, dues are due annually payable no later than 30 August.  Paying your dues regularly will help keep our Association strong and allow you to vote and have continued access to the Members Area. Annual dues are $25.00
Remember, you always have the opportunity to convert your membership to One Time Payment for Life Membership!  A One Time for Life  Membership is $250.00.  Doesn't take long before you are money ahead!

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