Army Physical Therapy Education, Leadership, and Research

What Do We Really Do?       

How Do We Meet our Mission?

As you read the stated purposes of our organization, you may wonder how we accomplish them and how well we do them. 
Here's the scoop.

1) Support the continuance by the US Army of post-baccalaureate degree education for entry level preparation of physical therapists for the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the US Public Health Service.

The Association currently accomplishes this purpose in several ways, including the COL Marilyn J  Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series as well as direct financial support of program activities. The program reimburses the class advisor for class socials like Pizza Lunches and Ice Cream Sundae events. We ask the class advisor to use these funds at their discretion when they feel that the class as a whole can best use some encouragement! Since Army regulations do not allow for a program “social account” we also reimburse other events like taking speakers to lunch/dinner as well as receptions for class openings and graduations when families are in town. There are no military budget line items for this type of expense and the Association is glad to be able to help support the program since otherwise faculty are paying out of pocket. The Association also pays for current faculty members to attend official Association events such as Alumni Reunion meetings. Members also donate teaching expertise to the program on a regular basis

2) Support the concept of quality education & research for physical therapy; the Association funds student sand recent graduates to professional meetings (CSM and Annual Meeting as well as state chapter meetings) where they are presenting their research.  The Association funds students and recent graduates to professional meetings (CSM and APTA Annual Meeting as well as state chapter meetings.

3) Support the continuance of quality physical therapy services, to include health promotion.  Association members have served as research subjects for student research projects to include falls prevention programs.

4) Strengthen communication between members of the Association and personnel of the US Army education program for physical therapists.  The Association works closely with the leadership of the Army-Baylor Program to plan and coordinate the CMJADLS program and to provide support as mentioned in #1 above. While most alumni associations are working to earn scholarship funds for students, in our case, the students are paid to be full time students. In our case, Alumni Association support Is above and beyond the regular curriculum and services, thus continuing support of the première Physical Therapy Education Program in the country! Additionally membership in the Association is a great way to keep in touch with your classmates and other Army grads. It is a vey small Army PT world!

5) Enhance communication among members of the Association through publications and social events.   In addition to annual reunion activities for classes (ex. 2014 will include all classes ending in 4 and 9), the Association schedules social events at APTA meetings, usually in conjunction with the Federal Health Care Section of APTA. APTA meetings are a great venue to reconnect with your Army PT school classmates!

Your Support helps us continue to meet our mission!